Alex Nichols is a multidisciplinary artist and writer who uses her body as a place of active resistance. It is through the body that we absorb our surroundings.

Our body is the location of our experience and identity.

Her work examines identity, communication and connection. 

She has an individual practice, a fulltime collaborative practice ALEXANDMUSHI that formed in 2015  and that same year she founded the Think Make Tank art lab.

Alex is a native of San Francisco who received an MFA from CCA in Writing. She has participated in residencies, partnered and exhibited her work throughout the Bay Area and internationally including the Headlands Center for the Arts, Recology Artist in Residence Program, Southern Exposure, Berkeley Art Center, Bamboo Curtain Studios Taipei, MOCA Taipei, AIA, AAA, NUMU Museum, Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture and is represented by MODERNISM Gallery. Alex has lectured at CCA, UC Berkeley and AIA. With publications in media outlets including: SF Chronicle, SF Weekly, Taipei TV, 7X7, Timeout, Dazed.


My eyebrows fell off

What happens to our sense of identity as we move through different cultures?

‘My Eyebrows Fell Off’ is a video performance responding to Alex’s personal experience of being in Japan. Tackling the issue of assimilation and identity through humor, bearing witness to the absurd experience of washing a face and finding no eyebrows. This piece explores the difficulty of identity when we attempt to fit in to a new environment and culture.

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Heteronyms is coined after Fernando Pessoa's multiple personas.

What roles do we each play and are we the same everyday. What does it mean to be a woman?

The constraint: to draw a self portrait each day for a year.

The question: Am I the same person each day?

At the end of a year the drawings were compiled, cut and reconstructed into full body life size charcoal portraits mounted on cut wood showing multiple perspectives. 


Waiting for permission to be me

While I was waiting to become me—things happened.
like two children popped out—like i got married—like my dad died

like i said i was an artist but didn’t say i wrote—like i said i wrote but
never told you i made things—like i said i can’t make it tonight
but didn’t tell why—didn’t tell you i had two children home alone

while i was waiting i hid parts of myself from other parts of myself—i was waiting for permissio for someone to tell me how to be me—that it was ok to be me

I was waiting for you to give me permission and I forgot to ask who you were. You were everyone, you were my father, you were an unidentified omnipotent form and you were going to say, “Yes Alex”, you are ready now. Now you can be you.

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