Q: Am I the same person everyday?

D: Heteronym

Literary concept coined by Fernando Pessoa to refer to multiple characters with their own physiques, biographies and writing styles.

W: Every project has a set of constraints. In examining the self the rules were that I draw a self portrait in charcoal each day, three hours a day, for one year. To answer the question: Do I look the same emotionally, psychologically, physically each day? What does it mean to be a woman, writer, artist, mother, wife, sister. What are the roles we each play?

“It is impossible to describe in this article the details of all heteronyms created by Pessoa. Fernando was a poet who refused to be himself. He was a poet of the overlapping layers of consciousness, of the many faces of identity that refuse to be unified under one rubric. Self, in Pessoa, was always in tension with Other. In his own words " I fitted it all into moulds of reality. I graded their influences, recognized their friendship, heat, inside me, their discussions and divergences of criteria, and in all this it seemed to me that I, the creator of it all, was the least thing there. It is if it all happened independently of me. And it is if it still happens like that ...”

“Pessoa towards the end sublimated his own genius in the creation of heteronyms, imaginary poets possessing distinct influences and phrases, grammar and style. " To create I have destroyed myself ... I'm the empty stage where various actors act out various plays. I am a secret orchestra whose instruments strum and bang inside me. I only know myself as the symphony”.

By Queenie in Culture