Q: What are the boxes we live in?

D: lung

an internal organ that makes it possible for you to breathe.

W: Each day for a year I climb into the box for 30 minutes and record my time and activity. The constraint is simply to repeat this everyday. To understand what it is to feel contained—both as comfort and as cage. It is through repetition that certain things slowly get discovered. In this case after moving and not moving in the box I come to a day where i realize my breath is already something. That is everything. 

I perceive the world around me. I understand and interpret things in a particular way. But how I perceive the world around me is often challenged because it appears different. As a child I couldn’t comprehend the differences— “why didn’t anyone understand what I was doing? Why was I getting into so much trouble?” Here is one world that looks the same to all of us and yet something isn’t working. Through a series of both funny and painful misunderstandings the gaps of perception revealed themselves to me. My desire to connect and communicate was strong so I became determined to bridge these apparent gaps. These ‘royal misunderstandings’ lead me to develop constant exploration of human conversation, observing and reflecting as the conversation unfolded. My art and my body are the vehicle and medium through which I interpret, experience and share my perception of the world. Art is the bridge. I am the bridge.

How do I address the gap? To understand the gap I need to define clearly what the world looks like to me. I need to experience what the world looks like to you.

I want to create clear mirrors that will allow us to see, hear and connect. I want to do this one by one and on a large scale. I have questions about myself, the systems I live in—and I want to ask these questions and begin conversations that turn the system upside down, just as I turn myself upside down on a monkey bar to see the world differently. I want to make change but through a process of evocation that is inviting and open. I want to step off the game board, test gravity. To know who I am and how I connect to the world through each person. I want to decide for myself what is of concern. I want to challenge how the world is perceived and how we build meaning and a sense of purpose.