the space between       

Q:     What is the space between you and me?

D: Space
a. continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.
b. position (two or more items) at a distance from one another.

W: When I began this project, I had a hypothesis about language; about reading the body and how we relate and communicate beyond words. That all the meaning of our connection was in the space that we created between eachother.

When two people are photographed, I always want to know what their relationship is: what do they know? what is their secret? Even more exciting is—what do I as the viewer know that perhaps the subjects do not know? I look for a sense of identity with the hope that an aspect of individual identity was unwittingly shared as the image was captured.

In a white room two people begin a dialogue. They are given an object to work with. The scenario is awkward; relationships are deeply complex. Through the stripping down of the variables, the participants feel some discomfort entering the room, picking up the object, and facing each other silently. It is scary, it is exposing - it can also be fun. It is what children know how to do and what we adults forget how to do.

The bare environment allows both the participant and the viewer to see what is usually masked in layers of distracting visual information. I focus on the space formed between the bodies and they begin to form a personal alphabet - a personal sentence structure.

As the work evolved, I found that this stark, minimal context revealed not only a language but exposed our identities. A strong relationship reveals the self; each relationship mirrors an aspect of one’s own identity.

In our relationships with each other, we open something unknown even to ourselves and the camera captures the self in relation to the other. We raise mirrors to each other and we expose those mirrors to the viewer.

How do we connect? The meaning is held in between.

In the pause of a sentence—
space is everything—
how else do we
know when a word begins or ends?

The Space Between, Solo Exhibit at Modernism West, San Francisco, California. September 1 - October 17, 2015.


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