the space between       

How do we connect? 
In the pause of a sentence—
space is everything—
how else do we
know when a word begins or ends?

Q:     What is the space between you and me? This is the question that began this project.

D: Space
a. continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.
b. position (two or more items) at a distance from one another.

W: When I began this project, I had a hypothesis about language—about reading the body and how we relate and communicate beyond words. Like the Cesura in poetry I wanted to look at how meaning is found in the pause between words andin the space between two people.

My curiosity about personal relationships is always an obsession to the details and intricacies of movement. I want to know what the relationship between two people is. What do they know about eachother? What is their secret? And even more exciting—what do I (as the witness) know that the subjects do not know? What is revealed in their movements and in the space they hold?

Each pair begins to form a personal alphabet - a personal sentence structure. In the exhibition all of these images together form a language of intimacy.

Why do we form relationships, friendships?  What does it mean to connect with someone?

The Space Between, Solo Exhibit at Modernism West, San Francisco, California. September 1 - October 17, 2015.


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