strings attached

Q: What is a woman alone in her studio with strings and tape? What is she bridging?

D: No strings attached

a. common phrase, used to show that an offer or opportunity carries no special conditions or restrictions.

W: What exactly do we mean by those strings, and how do they function on our body in our lives?      

Strings represent ties to family, friends, culture, country.

Strings represent an intricate support system that each of us builds over time.

What happens when we cut those strings—what is gained and what is lost?

San Francisco is connected on all sides by bridges. The Golden Gate Bridge is an incredible suspension bridge. I am always struck by its power as I drive across. Someone designed this bridge, someone engineered this bridge, people died building this bridge. Everything about the bridge is monumental—from the steel cables and bolts to the height.

So what is a woman alone in her studio with strings and tape? What is she bridging?
Maybe everything un-monumental, invisible, fragile and intimate. Her idea must span an impassible gap.
The materials of this project are important.
They are the strings from the sewing store.

This piece plays on the phrase No Strings Attached. What do we mean by no strings attached? What are we with or without these strings to family and community? Created in San Francisco—and referencing her home. Alex asks the question around the female body, and the unmonumental act of a woman alone in her studio with tape and string in a city of monumental steel bridges that link the bay area.

Performed at  Berkeley Art Center:

Risk, Selected by Aspara DiQuinzio & Kimberly Johnasson, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, California. 2013