Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James

ALEX + MUSHI are conceptual artists examining humanity’s central theme: connection. We take the other’s reality into account. We challenge the constructs we were born into. We unite daily, driven to make something that cannot be forged alone. We create a safe testing ground where projects become entry points into the boundaries of ourselves.

Portrait of Alex and Mushi: Photo by Benito Strummer, 2019.
Portrait of Alex + Mushi: Photo by Benito Strummer, 2019. (left Mushi Woosong James, Right Alex Nichols)


“We ask questions. We unpack through conversation. We experiment by doing”.

Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James started collaborating in 2015. Born in San Francisco, USA and Seoul, South Korea respectively. Alex + Mushi live their collaboration as an example of how two people can connect,  upturning and rebuilding connection into what it can be. Knowing there will be obstacles in the process, Alex and Mushi maintain four rules:

transparency, openness, commitment and playfulness.


Humans are always in context to others yet how deeply is that process of connecting understood? The dynamic tension core to all relationships is the desire to be seen and the terror of revealing ourselves. “Protection mechanisms constantly re-appear as we dive deeper into our individual fears revealing our deepest wounds. To see the other’s perception as real as our own, takes hours and hours of uncomfortable conversations.” 

Alex + Mushi have five ongoing practices in their collaboration. Each project is a seemingly playful exercise of connection. Portable Studio, Chair Conversations, Still Conversations, Two Chairs, Dictionary.

ALEXANDMUSHI: PORTABLE STUDIO Project. Nakameguro, Tokyo, 2015. The Portable Studio is a neutral territory zone that explores communication and connection through participation. ALEXANDMUSHI invites the public, two people at a time, to step into the 10’x10’ (ft) white gator-board box. Participants are then asked to play, for at least 3 minutes, using the two objects placed inside while observing two rules: no talking & no touching.

ALEXANDMUSHI: TWO CHAIRS Project. Mulino, Italy, 2017. Two Chairs is a non verbal and durational performance (20-40 minutes).

ALEXANDMUSHI: CHAIR CONVERSATIONS Project. New Orleans, 2017. Chair Conversations’ is a non-verbal listening practice using the body. What are the boundaries that exist between us? How do we engage and explore the space between the self and the other?

“In a good collaboration, both people let go of their territory to make a third thing that neither one can make alone.”—Meredith Monk


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