Am I the same person everyday?

Am I the same Person everyday? (Heteronyms)

Who am I? Am I the same person everyday? What are the roles I play? Behind these questions are the social and cultural context of being a woman and the roles we each play in our lives. For me it is an examination of myself and the conflicts I experience in my roles as a woman, writer, artist, mother and wife.

Every project has a set of constraints. How can I approach the question through drawing? What if I drew myself everyday, would the drawings all look the same? What would I start to notice about myself? What happens if I am sad? Or angry? Or joyful? What do I look like as a woman, as a mother, as an artist? Is each role a different me?

What I am looking for are the details that are revealed by careful observation. The rule is one drawing a day. The tools are charcoal, paper and a mirror. Each day I arrive at the studio I make a drawing of myself looking into that mirror. Each day the light is different. Whatever I felt, wore, thought is also there in the way I move the charcoal. As the drawings gather on the tables and floor I begin to notice how different each self portrait is. Here I am and yet this ‘I” is constantly shifting in subtle ways. Sometimes I see strength, sometimes I see confusion. Many emotions move through us each day. Many things happen each day.

This series is titled Heteronyms (after Fernando Pessoa’s multiple personas) Constructed as life size charcoal drawings mounted on plywood, standing as individual cutouts that are assembled giving a physicality to this question of Are we the same person everyday, the room fills with these multiple identities.

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