Alex Nichols is a conceptual artist and writer based in San Francisco.  She asks questions, challenges social constructs and deconstructs the idea of self.  Meaning is in every object, every movement, every interaction. Through observation of these details Alex creates new worlds and upturns what life seems to be into what it can be.

Along with her individual practice Alex has an ongoing collaboration ALEXANDMUSHI: Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James that began in 2015.  Also in 2015 she founded Think Make Tank, an art tank, art lab, artist collective,
building concepts and experiences around perception.

She received her MFA from CCA in Writing and her BA in Performance & Culture. She has participated in residencies, partnering and exhibiting her work throughout the Bay Area and internationally including Headlands Center for the Arts, Recology Artist in Residence Program, Southern Exposure, Berkeley Art Center, Bamboo Curtain Studios Taipei, MOCA Taipei, AAA (American Anthropological Association), Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture and MODERNISM Gallery. Alex has lectured at CCA, UC Berkeley and AIA. With publications in media outlets including: SF Chronicle, SF Weekly, Taipei TV, 7X7, Timeout, Dazed.  



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_____ Days Since I’ve Known You
Exhibit presented by MODERNISM WEST
San Francisco, CA
UPDATE: Postponed until further notice.

2020 Artist Residency
Djerassi Resident Artist Program
Woodside, CA
Apr 15 – May 13, 2020
UPDATE: Postponed until further notice.


ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo
Art Fair
Mexico City, Mexico
February 5 — 9, 2020

Affordable Art Fair Singapore
Exhibit + Portable Studio Special Program
Siger Gallery, Singapore
November 22 —  24, 2019

Pour the Line
Happenings/Anythings curated by re.riddle
San Francisco, CA
Sep 13 — Oct 4, 2019

Miniscule Venice
Group Exhibit curated by Vanya Balogh
Fondamenta Sant-Anna, Venice
May 10 — July 21, 2019

The Body Electric
Group Exhibit curated by re.riddle
San Francisco, CA
April 17 — May 19, 2019

ZONAMACO México Arte Contemporáneo
Art Fair + PS/CC Special Program
Mexico City, Mexico
February 6 10, 2019

Push Me Pull You
Solo Exhibit at Modernism Gallery
San Francisco, CA
Nov 8 — Dec 22, 2018

AIA San Francisco, CA
Aug 23 — Oct 12, 2018

SF Camerawork Annual Juried Exhibition 2018
Juried Exhibit SF Camerawork
San Francisco, CA
Jul 19 — Aug 25, 2018

2017 Artist Residency
Bamboo Curtain Studio Artist Residency Program
Taipei, Taiwan
April 17 — May 1, 2017

Unbuilding Walls
Solo Exhibit at Modernism West/Foreign Cinema
San Francisco, CA
Mar 30 — May 31, 2017

Alexandra Nichols, The Space Between
Solo Exhibit at Modernism West
San Francisco, CA
September 1 — October 17, 2015

Annual juried exhibition at Berkeley Art Center
Berkeley, California
August 24, 2013

Transfer Station
Solo Exhibit at SF Recology Artist Residency
San Francisco, CA
May 2011

Breaking Ranks
Performance at Headlands Center for the Arts
Sausalito, California
February 2011

Feel Tank
Selected by Miranda Mellis at Little City Gardens
San Francisco, California

Alexandra’s Heteronyms
Solo Exhibit at Modernism West Foreign Cinema
San Francisco, California
May 27 — July 31, 2010



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