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Portable Studio


Portable Studio began in 2015, when Alex Nichols & Mushi Wooseong James met on the streets after Alex was evicted from her San Francisco studio. Rather than remain studio-less, Alex & Mushi fabricated a “Portable Studio” to bring onto the streets. Alex & Mushi invited the public to step into this 10’x10’ white gator-board box.

There are only two rules: no talking and no touching.

The Portable Studio is a neutral territory zone, for communication and connection, not just a tool to understand but a tool to experience. The Portable Studio eliminates the social conditioning embedded in our culture, race, gender and language. Alex and Mushi state that, “we need to remember how we connect person to person, for us that is an act of resistance.”
The Portable Studio is a radical look at what connects us as individuals rather than divides us within society.

Alex and Mushi believe that, “if we are going to overcome the forces that are working to divide us, we need to rebuild our connections one person at a time.”