Artist Statement:

What does it mean to be human, to be in context to life as it changes. I begin as an artist, as a woman. I begin in many roles. But what is the act of making? Through art I make worlds, testing possibilities. I make a small object that can be held in your hand, it's just a few words on a piece of paper, it’s images on a reel with light projecting through, it’s an action of falling, but all these things I make are like guides, like maps, directing me.

What I’m trying to see is my own life, which can’t be conceived of in its presence, because it takes time to understand what our actions lead to. So I ask questions, and for every question there is a process.The process of taking the body through the question. If I want to know what the strings that bind me are, I gather the strings and bind myself. I look for a physical way of moving through the question. The evidence, the witness, is a video, photograph, novel, journal, performance, drawing, a set of instructions, a constraint, something that marks time.

Looking at meaning in every object, every movement, every interaction. There is a memory of an old way of thinking but it’s in the distance, I can’t quite see the shape of it, it's like things I’m forgetting, I've changed. I'm always changing. How can this be documented and understood? I'm challenging social constructs, deconstructing the idea of what we are into what we can be.

My work is an endeavor to express “How I exist” as perceived, narrated, and experienced.

Artist Bio:

What are the implications of not understanding the self?

How can we understand that self?

What are the choices we make and how do they impact us?

Alex Nichols is a conceptual artist who asks, “Can we really know ourselves?” The body is her starting point. By moving her body through art, the questions make themselves known. The body can be a vehicle, a reference point, or a place of active resistance.

Meaning is in every object, every movement, every interaction and Alex observes and enacts those details carefully. Every project begins with a specific question around the self in context to society, culture, womanhood and becomes an action of trying to reveal herself to herself. She is driven by an incessant desire to know why she exists. “Where is the contract I signed to submit myself to the societies rules? Who has the right of way and who must yield? How is my identity challenged and freed in another culture? Who am I?” And in turn, as Alex makes new maps she hopes to help others ask questions and make new maps for themselves. Opening up what is possible.

Alex received her MFA from CCA in Writing and her BA in Performance & Culture. She has participated in residencies, partnering and exhibiting her work throughout the Bay Area and internationally including Djerassi, Headlands Center for the Arts, Recology Artist in Residence Program, Southern Exposure, Berkeley Art Center, Bamboo Curtain Studios Taipei, MOCA Taipei, AAA (American Anthropological Association), Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture and MODERNISM Gallery. Alex has lectured at CCA, UC Berkeley and AIA. With publications in media outlets including: SF Chronicle, SF Weekly, Taipei TV, 7X7, Timeout, Dazed.  


Along with her individual practice Alex has an ongoing collaboration ALEXANDMUSHI and is the founder of the artist collective THINK MAKE TANK.

ALEXANDMUSHI: Collaboration between Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James

(Left Alex Nichols, Right Mushi Wooseong James)

THINK MAKE TANK:  Art tank, art lab, artist collective, building concepts and
and experiences around perception.

Think Make Tank Artist Collective: Founder Alex Nichols (Sound experience lead by Jorge Bachman)


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